Agency & Sponsorship

Any company or entity, interested to do business in Kuwait needs a local sponsor to legally operate their business and comply with the locals rules & regulations of Kuwait. This can be achieved by appointing a local company as their Agent in the country or by entering into a sponsorship agreement with a local entity.

Globistic General Trading Company (GGTC) is specializes in handling all type of logistics & sponsorship services. By delivering logistics solutions, GGTC meets the needs and resolves the daily challenges our customers face in the international supply chain.

GGTC provides a wide range of Legal & support services to all the Foreign & Local Companies to start their business in State of Kuwait, whether you are looking for sponsor services, Manpower support, procurement assistance, short- or long-term housing, or assistance establishing an office or warehouse space, visit Visa issuance for delegates.


  • New Company Registration & Licensing
  • Formation & registration of Agencies and Joint Ventures
  • Compliance with all relevant Ministries of Kuwait
  • Obtain Commercial Visa and Work Visa 18
  • Transfer Work Visa 18 from existing sponsor
  • Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Office space & Equipment
  • Legal Support & Advice
  • Manpower Supply
  • Communication Lines & Equipment
  • Vehicle Lease & Rental
  • Hotel Booking
  • Airport Meet & Greet